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Licensing Groundwater in B.C

On February 29, 2016 the Water Sustainability Act (WSA)
modernized B.C.’s water legislation for the benefit all British
Columbians – our communities and families, our environment
and our economy. The WSA brought in important changes to
manage groundwater and better protect water security and

If you use water from a well for non-domestic use, you are now
legally required to obtain a water licence. These Questions and
Answers will clarify the new requirements and help you to
determine if your water use requires a water licence and if so,
what is needed to submit your application.

If you still have questions after reading these Q&As or need help
with your water licence application, please contact Front Counter
BC (1-877-855-3222). More information is available at and in the online brochure.

gwlicensingqas-2020.pdf (

Dont forget to register your groundwater!